What an amazing Coach and mentor he is to our son Manny. Coach Zee brings knowledge and passion to ALL his camps. He can grasp the attention of the kids and become interactive with all ages. He also has lots of equipment to keep up with effective routines to get them to the pinnacle of their goalie training. You will not be disappointed, our son has excelled so much in just a few weeks and it only gets better from here on out, thank you Zee GK  Academy
Steve Beltran, Father of Manny - Deland, FL
Best goalkeeper academy in the Central FL area, after years of searching and waiting, we finally found the best. Well equipped, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly coaches who can relate and properly teach technique and discipline while allowing each young keeper to develop their own personality on the field. Thank you for what you are doing for our young keepers, it’s truly appreciated.
Ellie Hunt, Mother of Ian - Ocala, FL
The coaching is excellent. Real game situational drills not just the basics or theory. Great equipment for the drills and in-depth explanations as to why the drills are important and how they’ll help the keeper in a game situation. All I can say is first class all the way.
Daniel Paulo, Father of Tanner and Teagan - Palm Coast, FL
The BEST Goalkeeper Academy around. Although my daughter decided not to play Soccer this season, she insisted that she continue to train with Coach Zee. This speaks volumes to his character and connection with those he works with.
Cleff Smith, Father of Rachel - Holly Hill, FL
ZEE taught my daughter not only how to become a better goalkeeper but built her confidence and her self esteem like no one had ever done before. Coach Zee has built Emily into the goalkeeper she is today and is continuing to build her to become a college level goalkeeper. Rick has contacted colleges coaches, sent videos that he has made to college coaches and even attended College ID camps with Emily to support her and to talk to the college coaches in person.
Renee Carlton Bergin, Mother of Emily - Port Orange, FL
Our daughter Payton started attending the ZEE Goalkeeper training academy about 2 years ago, and it was the best decision we ever made for her!  Our daughter’s club did not offer any goalkeeper training, and we knew if we wanted her to grow in the position she chose to play, she needed something more. The growth she has made in such a short amount of time is undoubatbly  directly connected to Coach Zee’s training, and the real game scenarios that he is able to duplicate at his practices.  He takes his time with the kids and is able to evaluate the individual player and figure out the areas they need to improve.  The kids in his academy enjoy going to his training sessions and really respond to his training techniques.
Brent Drexler, Father of Payton - Port Orange, FL
Coach Zee’s training sessions are the highlight of Solomon’s week. He loves to go and will choose it over any other activity. He has learned and excelled so much from his training in such a short amount of time, it’s amazing to watch. We are so happy we signed him up for his first Goalkeeper Camp back in 2017 with Coach Zee and became part of the family.
Kari Bell, Aunt of Solomon - Deland, FL

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Either you’re a beginner or an advanced keeper our goalkeeping camps will guide you in picking up all the techniques and skills required to become a very competent goalkeeper.

Our camps will cover the main and most of all advanced techniques and skills of goalkeeping: college level warm ups, footwork, shot stopping, striker vs keeper, breakaways, advanced handling.Thus to create a realistic game environment, where the Goalkeepers comprehend in every detail the actions they need to take in every save.

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